Electro-Neuro-Diagnostic Technologist

END is a higher lever which that person has obtained formal training in neuro-diagnostics and is eligible to obtain a certification as such from the American Board of Registration of Electroencephalographic and Evoked Potential Technologists (ABRET).

ABRET being the governing agency for END tech is a long established community for quality and excellence. Most EEG tech are not END certified and therefor do not have the ABRET registration which is the gold standard of qualifications.


More About EEG's

END Techs are required at most accredited hospital for the study of brain activity in those who are ill. In particular those who exhibit any type of cognitive deficit. Seizure, Tremors, coma, brain injury, mental illness, Tourette's Syndrome, Stroke, learning impairment, epilepsy, etc. EEG also increases the likelihood of effective medication therapy by allowing physicians the ability to assess medical treatment efficacy in whether the treatment is creating the desired mental effect. Thereby, lessening unnecessary drugs being used.


The list of applications is very extensive.

Using an International 10-20 system for lead placement and being able to obtain a good electrical recoding of the brain is paramount to EEG. The leading cause of poor electrical tracings is the poorly trained EEG tech. The EEG person needs to be recognizant of drugs which the patient is receiving, some interfere or create brain electrical anomalies. Which may hide or cause abnormal brain activity.

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