What Is A Vascular Ultrasound?

West Coast Healthcare prides itself on providing professional sonography in the Las Vegas area. We use cutting edge technology to provide the most accurate results possible. One of the methods we use to provide these high-quality services is vascular ultrasound. What is a vascular ultrasound? Read on to find out!


Noninvasive Ultrasound Method

A vascular ultrasound is considered a non-invasive professional sonography procedure. That is to say, it does not require anesthesia or needles. This procedure can also be performed without radiation on contrast dyes, which can have a negative effect on the kidneys. It is an advanced and accurate imaging procedure.


Used to Examine Blood Circulation

A vascular ultrasound can be used to examine the blood vessels in the neck, abdomen, legs and arms. This procedure can detect all sorts of health issues such as clots, blood flow issues, and narrowing arteries, and can evaluate overall patient health. How your blood is circulating says a lot about your overall health and this procedure is a good evaluation of that.


Sound Waves are Transmitted Through the Tissue

A vascular ultrasound works by using sound waves. These sound waves penetrate the tissue being analyzed and rebound off the blood cells. This gives a good image of how the blood cells are moving through the blood vessels.


Sound Waves Reflect Off Blood Cells

During a vascular ultrasound, the doctor is actually measuring the speed at which sound waves return to the machine to understand how quickly the blood is flowing through the blood vessels. The sound waves bouncing off the blood cells can allow the doctor to calculate the speed the blood cells are moving at. Slower moving blood indicates a possible clot.

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